Fast work on the fur trade

The breath does not come easily. Not because there´s too little air, but because there is too much. Every time I open my mouth, more oxygen than I require enters my lungs. 1 can feel the sacs resisting this intrusion, but the air pressure is too much. In the end, unable to withstand the effects of Low Altitude Sickness (LAS), I am bundled into a portable de-pressure sat ion chamber, the Pokhrel Bag, It is named after the Nepalganj doctor who invented it as an emergency measure to save highlanders from this lowland specific syndrome.

Inside the Pokhrel Bag, as the air was evacuated to simulate the Himalayan heights, I had time to meditate over how it is that I find myself here smack in the middle of the Grcal Plain of Bihar. I was in town to inaugurate and deliver die keynote address at a UNESCO-funded workshop entitled, "Stranded; How lo Take Advantage of Being in the Middle of Nowhere".

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Himal Southasian