One Level of Encapsulated Wisdom

Prashant Bhushan

Published on: 01 Mar 1995, 10:43 am

Social Ecology:Oxford India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology

Ramachandra Guha, editor

Oxford University Press, India, 1994

ISBNO 19 563113 7

The environment," writes Anil Agarwal, "is an idea whose time has come in India." This is the opening line of "An Indian Environmentalist's Credo", from Agarwal's "The Fifth World Conservation Lecture: Human Nature Interactions in a Third World Country", published in The Environmentalist in 1986. It is reprinted in Ramachandra Guha's edited volume Social Ecology. Guha obviously agrees with what Agarwal had to say almost a decade ago. So, how much has the world changed or how much have the academics not changed with the passage of years?

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