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  • Lina@Word

    great piece; lots of mysterious things explained; loved Hethake toke maniachhena re, ikkebare maniacchena re

  • Amio Kumar Dey

    As every thing in this world has changed with time, it is found that that baul too has come under its influence. But, after listening to many song of this format effected by the globalization we can still find the sweetness of it’s root. It is seen that though the addition of modernize instrument has uplifted its popularity, but the tune has not change. This is not seen in the case of Rabindra Sangeet. In the letter case the whole tune of the song has change due to introduction of modernization. Ravi Thakur would have seriously gotten a Heart Attack after listening to modernized Rabindra Sangeet. This is not in the case of Baul song. It may also be due to the listener who dont want to accept the song without the sweetness of soil.

    Thanks Di, for such a beautiful article.

    Waiting for more reading.

  • Dinesh

    Two word – beautiful experience

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