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  • Nayan

    Very innovative of Alen to bring out the flaws of the street vending Act through the primary recommendations of the national policy and that of the parliamentary standing committee. It is necessary to understand the different interests that the government represents because street vending is one area where balance is certainly required.

  • vineeth

    Those who extends service to other people are seamlessly great souls.they might be doing it with their limited awareness and situations.. it is the duty of government to offer support and guidance to those souls and help them serve with smiles.. this article calls for an action. People who throws light towards such topics should be recognized and should be made the part of policy making.great work brother.

  • Elizabeth Samuel

    A relevant article, drawing attention to the life of street vendors and flaws in the system developed for them. Though we meet this group of people everyday in our life, their concerns haven’t been thought about in detail.

  • Sachin

    An eye opening article which details the flaws in a seemingly pro-poor law. One hopes that the government passes the required amendments to make the law friendly to the street vendors.Also, the institutionalizing of sustainable hygiene related matters must be an important yardstick for any policy.

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