Pakistan brings down the axe on Afghan migrants

A crackdown on undocumented migrants is forcing thousands back to uncertain fates in Afghanistan, and ratcheting up tensions between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban

| Nov 17, 2023

Images of the two Punjabs, partitioned yet forever alike

A photographer’s journey through the Punjab in India and Pakistan shows a land and a people still tied together, despite Partition and the militarised border in between

| Sep 15, 2023

SCREEN SOUTHASIA: Two Punjabs, One Southasia

Director of the documentary 'Taangh (Longing)' Bani Singh, and political scientist Ishtiaq Ahmed in conversation with Kanak Mani Dixit on the topic of 'Two Punjabs, One Southasia'

| Aug 19, 2023

‘Joyland’ crosses the barbed wire between India and Pakistan

Indian audiences are connecting with director Saim Sadiq’s acclaimed, queer-affirming Pakistani film, briefly banned in its home country

| Jul 14, 2023

To deal with Imran Khan, Pakistan descends into autocracy

Rising military influence, crackdown on the PTI, and compromised electoral landscape indicate a shift towards autocratic rule

| Jun 24, 2023

The PEMRA penumbra

Pakistan’s state-run media regulator tries to shut down TV-news anchors.

| Nov 01, 2019

Nuclear dangers of the naval kind

Southasia needs to pay attention to the increased risk of a nuclearised ocean

Stranded in Geneva Camp

Life in the largest refugee camp for Bangladesh’s Urdu-speaking community.

| Jun 27, 2019

PTM and Pakistan’s civil-rights movement

In conversation with journalists Sarah Eleazar and Sher Ali Khan. [INCLUDES INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT]

| Jun 19, 2019

The crisis in Pakistani journalism

In conversation with journalist and human-rights campaigner Omar Waraich.

| May 31, 2019

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