Commentary > The audacity of ‘sitting improperly’
  • Zaynah

    I’m assuming a lot here, but if you can drive it buying/renting a scooter is the easiest way to travel that I’ve found in India. I first moved to India at the age of 22 and picked it up because every other mode of transport, at least in Hyderabad, was chockfull of harassment.
    And I’ve also had experience in young girls who didn’t understand how I could wear boy clothes and do boy things and still be a girl. It’s sad that things as basic as travelling are seen as groundbreaking, but somebody’s gotta do it. Kudos to you!!
    I’m sure there will be more women joining you soon enough

  • Yasmin Adil Omar

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the article, quite an insight into bike rides.

  • Ayza Abid

    Every generation, we will break barriers. The mental ones are the hardest. Keep on making way

  • Kush

    Wonder if Karachi being a cosmopolitan city of Pakistan is so conservative…what small towns are like.

  • Nimrah

    I am so proud of you. Keep going.

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