Photo Essay > The Right-Side-Up Map of Southasia

    This map compels us, the north Indians, to think that to leave a mark, people have to be hard working, dedicated and committed to whatever work they are contributing to the nation building. Not simply blame south indian unity to be ahead of others. What i am trying to say, instead of running to south, west or east, we need to develop city and village centres at our own place, through people participation. Right now, as previous reply suggests, we feel we are superior to our south indian counterparts and thus remain in indefinite poverty while waiting for messiahs to solve our problems. Come on! Northies! Stop giving politicians power over you. YOU start working to make a mark of North. Educate yourself.

  • Hasan Chaipillai

    It is not only that our minds our locked to believe that North is somewhere UP and South is somewhere Down by seeing a published Map of tu e world.
    Invariably giving a Psychological feeling to the people coming from North that they are a little above to the people of South inalmost everything .
    Psychological Status toom

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