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  • Soheil Ahmed

    Written with such insightful poignancy — at once history and travel writing with a distinct literary bent — that will, no doubt, entice other curious travelers into treading the author’s footsteps.

  • Mohammed Bakht

    He looks a lot like my father the late Abdul Motin Bakht, my father always talked about the moghuls and something about Burma….?

  • Abdaal

    Lovely, as always from Salil Tripathi. A minor quibble- Aurangzeb is buried in a small, open air grave in Khuldabad. The poor imitation of the Taj Tripathi talks of is the tomb of his wife Dilras Banu Begum in Aurangabad.

  • Rajeev shagun

    Wouldn’t be better that we try to bring Bhadur shah jafar’s body/remains to Delhi and bury it near Shah Alam grave to give final peace to emperor’s last wish ?

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