Politics > The three burials of Danny Denzongpa
  • naveen k.gupta

    This is a very clever piece; wit and sarcasam are laced with poignant childhood anecdotes! Mr. Sharma, you should write a novel. In case you attempt a screenplay, i would love to help. Like Mr. Danny, I’m also an FTIIan, albeit a screenplay passout ant not an actor.

  • Nidhi Singh

    I chanced upon this article and I am pleasantly surprised by the funny yet brutally honest content…I love the article ….. I had no idea you were such a good writer, Pankaz!

  • Pankaz K. Sharma

    Dear gal and Arghya Mitra,

    Glad to know that you both liked the essay. Thnk you.

  • Arghya Mitra

    Oh! you killed me . Wonderfull analysis written in an excellent way .

  • gal

    Excellent article.

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