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  • Akbar Khan Mohamadzai

    Syed Naqvi has portrayed Mehta in writing and in public as a hypocrite; – albeit in a below-the-belt way, — after all, the man’s dead and gone and therefore scarcely in a position to respond.

    However, Naqvi appeared to have good reason to stab his expired “friend” in the back. (It was something about Mehta working as a waiter or a servant in the scullery of a London restaurant, but pretending to his friends that he was doing research; (lol) — and some other sleaze.

    Mehta was dodgy; he lied frequently; cheated too; was undependable; and periodically did hatchet jobs for money.

    The point is: which journalist in New Delhi does not do the exact same things? Name one? OK there may be a few honorable exceptions, but its a depressing scene otherwise, ain’t it?

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