How Nepal is bringing vultures back from the brink

By establishing vulture restaurants, safe zones and community-based conservation efforts, Nepal has become one of the most successful countries in vulture conservation

| Jul 05, 2023

How the fishing cat became a symbol of wetland conservation in Sri Lanka

Colombo has lost nearly 40 percent of its wetlands due to urbanisation in the last 30 years. Several environmentalists are now fighting to preserve and sustain the remaining wetland patches.

| Apr 20, 2023

Healthcare crisis in Sri Lanka

With the economic crisis, shortages and increased prices of medicine are forcing patients to go without vital drugs and care

| Apr 13, 2023

How ‘Dawn’ made Pakistan, from Delhi

'Dawn', Pakistan's iconic newspaper, was founded in Delhi in 1941. This is the story of how 'Dawn' made Pakistan, before Pakistan made 'Dawn'.

Muslims suffer in the aftermath of 2022 violence in Rajasthan’s Karauli

Several Indian states have seen increased anti-Muslim violence during Hindu festivals and processions. In Karauli, after attacks during Ram Navami in 2022, Muslim victims allege police brutality, discrimination, no compensation.

Is an Adani port devastating Kerala’s coast?

Activists say coastal communities and marine life around Kerala’s Vizhinjam Port are paying a heavy price for the Adani Group project

| Mar 25, 2023

Scholarships cuts leave Indian minority students stranded

India has cancelled at least three scholarships supporting minority students pursuing pre-matric, MPhil and PhD degrees

On night patrol in Sri Lanka’s human-elephant conflict zone

Hambantota in Sri Lanka has been on the frontline for human-elephant conflict for years. 2022 was the worst year yet, with a death toll of 433 elephants and 145 people

| Mar 03, 2023

Kashmir remembers a trans icon

Reshma's long fight for transgender rights left a powerful legacy in India-administered Kashmir

| Feb 23, 2023

Demolition drives and the media target Indian Muslims

The Indian media’s coverage of demolition drives and "bulldozer" politics in Haldwani, Delhi and beyond is a new tool for spreading anti-Muslim hatred

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