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  • Lokesh

    The Outlook story was complete and no holes could be picked by RSS etc and so they resorted to the usual predatory style tactics.
    Please keep it up – things will change because of your effort.

  • Bharat

    Madam, you are doing great work. The country is going through a bad patch, hope things will improve and people like you will make it happen. Thank you for being a true journalist.


    Neha, people want reporters like you. You are an inspiration to many enthusiastic journalists, who have great passion for journalism. Keep fighting. That’s the only way to represent the voiceless. Journalists like you writing in English have many online opportunities to present your stories, non English Journalists don’t have this privilege. Journalists are working hard, but stories by non-English journalists don’t get attention and are easily killed in the corporate newsrooms.

  • Malay Mitra

    Dear Neha, I am in agreement with you. In fact, I have stopped watching Television news lately. About the child trafficking incident, is there a possibility to file a PIL in the court seeking some response from the government? Go ahead bravely with what you are doing. We wish you all the best. Remember for every one person opposing you, many more are with you. Urban middle class is a minuscule section of society.

  • Maharudra mangnale

    This is a very serious problem for journalists. I condemn the RSS.

  • A.M.Roshan

    It is indeed a disturbing time for journalists (those with commitment and credentials, like Neha Dixit) and well meaning citizens. Corporate take overs and dumbing down of news had begun much earlier in the 1990s, and today they are the accepted norm. However, it is the rise of the right wing Sangh Parivar and its ruling BJP government that has created today’s toxic mix of lies, spin, abuse and intimidation. It is going to be a long night’s vigil for brave journalists and for concerned citizen-viewers and readers.

    Thank you for this timely piece.

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