Style and the city

Two writers explore the politics of fashion in Bombay and Delhi.

Karunanidhi and the long shadow of Sri lanka

Between Dravidian politics of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka's Tamil nationalism.

Digital divide in online classes, long-term impact of Cyclone Amphan, and more.

Who has the power to secure and legislate public spaces in cities?

A family’s loss, Nepal's weak public healthcare, and the stigma of COVID-19.

What the simplistic narratives on China’s advances in the Indian Ocean miss.

From Himal Archives EXPLORE

A lady’s life

Review of an apolitical biopic on Aung San Suu Kyi.

| Mar 08, 2012

A mobile mirror

Living in the realm between social reality and scripted stage, the mobile theatre community in Assam not only entertains, but also reflects the absurdity of life.

| Jan 06, 2012