Analysis > Finally becoming citizens
  • Nabin nepal

    This is only our achievement while Bhutan govt.announcing. gross national happiness. Great done.

  • Leela Timsina

    Great work done T.P. Media is only the way to send information like this to reach every individual. Your hard work is invaluable.

  • J. Dawa

    “Bhutan must consider the merits of a national reconciliation package that recognises these refugees as the country’s citizens. Such a package would not only allow for the repatriation of those wanting to return, but would also pave the way for Bhutan and those it exiled to work together for the prosperity of the country.”

    I like this idea. This is such an eye-opening piece both to Bhutan and these so-said refugees. After all, we are all brothers-sisters of same parents. Let’s work towards ‘national reconciliation’ by forgetting all past occurrences. As the author says, it will benefit all of us.

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