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Our fiction takes the reader on a journey through the places and imaginations of the region: from digital spaces to mountains of Afghanistan, narratives of LGBT life to a meta-narrative of a woman’s agency, and gushing rivers to winding roads. This sample, from both established and emerging authors, provides a sense of the Southasian creative imagination. Take a look; Himal Southasian is a good read.

Joseph, our maths teacher

A short story

| Jun 23, 2023

Accident zone, drive slow

A short story

| Jun 21, 2023


A short story

| Jun 19, 2023

The odyssey of Kartar Singh

A short story

| Jun 16, 2023

Deep red carnations

A short story

| Jun 14, 2023

Containing lightning

A short story

| Jun 12, 2023

Himal Fiction Fest

The next generation of Southasian storytellers

| Jun 05, 2023

The cotton candy man

A short story.

| Dec 20, 2022

The Hippo Girl

A short story.

| Dec 30, 2021

The meeting

A short story.

| Aug 10, 2021

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